money making online cash games in India

top 15 money making online games in India

You know! Grandma plays candy crush in this generation. Isn’t it? Maximum used online earning games.

Playing games is an interesting thing for us. Some of the super interesting games will give you a super-focused mind. As a result, I listed some of the online earning games.

If you are interested in playing games and enjoys without boring in online games? First of all, In this generation similarly playing games itself, we can earn cores and cores in this hustle and bustle generation. 

As a result, KYLIE GIERSDORF won $3 million top prizes in-game tournament in New York. In online games called Fortnite.

You feel superior by playing games?

Basically, sometimes you are feeling very bored? when you are in long travels to long-distance on the train? Maybe, you are waiting for your girlfriend in a coffee shop 😜…

As a result, interesting games that will make you enjoy and make your brain cells free without any tension. And earn money up to $100 for a month. Almost to completely replace your full-time job can be really costly.

For example grandma and grandpa playing candy crush and other video games in this generation and more interesting games?

Possible for money making online games in India?

If you know this truth? more than 59% of people 4 to 40 ages own least one video game x box console. In this list may be also 4 to 20 ages persons. back 2019 $2,436,772.40 where went highest game lover’s pocket.

Now all of the game developers in trying for next better gaming experiences and also inverse a lot of money. So I shared a few online earning games list with one bonus tips.

Winning real-time money playing online games? It is possible!

The unbelievable thing that earning money in playing games is also possible in this generation. It is a real fact that playing games as a good way to earn money in an easy way.

Even more, most of games players earn $1000 to $1,500 per month easily in playing money making online games in India.

This Extra income possible for regular gamer’s and inverse the extra gaming materials certainly, switching to the full-time gaming professional only.

Top 15 real-time money making online games in India. Clearly, mentioned below.

6.8 Ball Pool
8.Paytm first games
9. QuickWin App
11. QrumbleBox
12.MPL (Mobile Premier League)
13.RozDhan app
14. Quizistan
15.YouTube Channel

First top 5 money making online games in India

1. Qureka

money making online games in India


Qureka game has around 10,000,000+ installs and even more 4.2 ratings currently in google play store. Hence it is google recommended rating score on the play store. And also one of the best money making online games in India.

Doing some truth fun brain in led activities and winning furthermore everyday cash prizes. Gamers can also play a live hourly quiz from 9AM to 9PM (up to 25 shows daily)

Qureka game is also online money earning option that really helps you to earn money every day. Playing Daily live time hourly quizzes shows that you can also play & earn in free.

Win Rs 150,000 daily in Qureka, and also the game is private in few fun games options for playing hourly quiz in every minute to earn more.

It also offers by some real brain games players like film & Celeb Quiz, Geography Quiz, Business Quiz, GK Quiz, Literature Quiz, Sports Quiz, History Quiz, Politics Quiz, Math Quiz and World Quiz.

Even more, offer real brain games like Box Tower, Candy crush, Bubble Shotter, Don’t Crash, Fruit slash and Earth hero that more help you multiples things testings to you like awareness to your brain, and your eye mental coordination.

2. Dream11.Com

online earning


Dream11 is highest sports I listed some of the money making online games in India, further currently has 100,000+ installs with 8 Crore+ users playing Basketball, Fantasy Cricket, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi and Baseball.

Sports fans can also choose their own team of real-life game players from upcoming matches and Dream11 helps sports fans actively engage with knowledge of the sport they love.

As a result, it will provide full rights to create game players like midfielder, goalkeepers and game players can follow the live on the game monitor performance will occur in a playground.

Dream11 game also allows you to create a game player like a team captain, vice-captain. Hence you can earn more and create them intelligently and the players want to be keen on the knowledge of the domestic players.

Similarly, Inexperienced game players in Dream11 can start with a small budget, after playing experience you can take big leagues.

3. Loco

money earning in online


Loco online game also India leading live Trivia & Quiz Game streaming app, the money earns app has around 10,000,000+ installs, 3.9 ratings in play store and is an offer by Pocket Aces Pictures Private Limited.

The best part that is multiple gamers are playing at the same time, and offer money has up to Rs 12,000 got shared among the players. It was opened in Nov 2017 by former marketing.

It invites gamers to play real-time quizzes will be also doubled (1:30 PM to 10:00 PM) on Loco, we have a few different ways of bringing the best gaming experience to you.

The game as has charismatic rather, that asks games players 10 multiple choice quizzes, rewards them with cash prizes that are credited in Paytm account. You can also join live quizzes every day and win more prizes to earn money

Now you can consequently watch your best favourite games videos like FIFA, Free Fire, Call of Duty, Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, CS GO, data and more.


 make money online games


Ace2Tree has 13 cards rummy game and around 8 million+ online game player, offered by INFOTECH INDIA Pvt, therefore Ace2Three game has around 10,000,000+ installs currently and 3.8 ratings, It is google recommends rating score on the play store.

Even more, enjoy the online money earning rummy game and anywhere, it is a very popular Variation online car game and The Most Trusted Rummy Portal.

Ace2Three platform is a world-class interface that allows all online rummy players to play for free and cash both. And prefer 2 and 6 player options with a fun and enjoyable session.

It is offered free rummy matches and multi-tabs and It is a competition where many players can compete with each other.

5. RummyCircle.Com

best earning games


The rummy Circle is India’s largest online rummy game while preferring 13 card games and Ultimate-Games. Almost, this is the part of play Games 24×7, the best gift pool is Rs. 4 crores.

Almost more than 10 million game players are playing the game online. Also, download the app in free play store and pay a minimum target of Rs. 25. The popularity of the game includes a source of earning money for free time.

Its user base has over 5 million users, has a rating of 4.5 and has about 1,98,272 total votes and 10,000,000+ installs.

Second Top 5 money making online games in India

6. 8 Ball Pool

earning games


The 8 Ball Pool game also has about 500,000,000+ installations and is sponsored by Hence, the game is the highest multiplayer online pool game, it has a 4.5-star rating in the Google Play Store.

probably, the game allows playing 1 to 1 matches while Billiards allow you to enter multiplayer matches in the crown. The game also allows entering to the multiplayer tournaments of the billiards crown.

In this pool game, while Drag the pool tag from the direction you are targeting. It has also players can configure their shooting power by clicking the left mouse button. Even more, athletes grab their pool and see how many shots can make at the time.

In rack pool balls is are given at reaching until the last ball. Similarly, players receive a time bonus for each every time they hit a ball. A mouse that targets the ball pool cue where you want to place the pot.

7. PokerBaazi.Com

money-earning online games in india


The PokerBaazi is listed some of the online games in India poker platform, likewise, that was provided by Baazi Networks Pvt.

It offers cash games, unlimited poker formats and pot-limit Omaha. And It has 2.7 / 5 ratings on the Apple Play Store. PokerBaazi is Cash games are available on the six-max, Nine hand shapes,

Because competitions are available for a wide range of pay levels. Psychological and strategic analysis that does not have the same priority for all cards and it’s just that each player makes the best card combination from the people who deal with him.

It consists of hole cards with two random face-down cards and dealt with each game player’s at a table and five cards are community cards that want to face-up on the game table. The game players want to use the cats to make their respective cards and combinations.

Players also strive to make an achieving cards combination of using their two hole cards. And placed the best number of community cards to create a better five-cads combination.

8. Paytm first games


Paytm great games are one of the all-in-one application for persons who love sports games on mobile. It has trivia & everything entertainment, Tournaments, Card Games.

Because, Paytm first games, it’s not only entertaining gaming platform you can earn money every day. And some gifts worth Rs 10, 000 are subject of income tax.

It is around 300+ games and 1 millon+ installs in google play store and it is powered by GamePind. You can enjoy real-time Paytm first games. And then the best part of any virtual coins, gems, gold, cash and diamonds, etc. that you earn cannot be turned into real money.

Includes some common money making online game in India that probably, you can play like bogland, tic toc jumps, more some name a few games.

9. QuickWin App


QuickWin app plays general knowledge quiz and offered by digital track because it has improved your general knowledge. This quiz also helps you with many exams.

As a result of 10,000+ installs and 4.2 ratings on the google play store, it has recommended score. Even more purpose of the game fully enjoy users and improve G.K knowledge. It has also filled package entertainments.

Especially you can answer some questions and get a chance to earn money. In fact, it is the best trivia game which provides simple questions related to G.K like Culture, Sports, Computer, Food and etc.

In case some times there will be stop in earn option, only you can enjoy the quizzes

10. My11Circle


My11Circle is an online cricket fantasy game, especially it is played by 13 million+ gamers approximately. Even more, 100,000+ installs with 3.9 ratings. It is particularly designed for who like cricket knowledge and improve skills.

Here user can also create a playing 11 choice and performance of 11 players get your points as live match begin which is your final score select your ranking. Even so, the minimum playing cast is Rs. 25.

However, the game is owned and operated by Play Games24x7 Pvt, Ltd. It also allows to you, manage team, including by your own team bowlers, all-rounders, a wicketkeeper, batsman and crate your contest that suits your budget.

Third Top 5 money making online games in India

11. QrumbleBox

 online money earning games in India


QrumbleBox is a trivia game that will help you to challenge your friends. And to an online game, even more, help and do best in friendships.

Also, select your best favourite category game and win a cash prize. Make yourself, update for all kinds of QrumbleBox while also more shopping and win a lot of money.

The game will help earn money based your G.K knowledge on famous categories. Even more multiple topics like Taglines, Vocabulary, Harry Potter, TVF Pitchers and etc, it offered by the opportunity to play the area of strength with comfort.

Hence, you like to play a QrumbleBox trivia online quizzing games download the app now. Finally, challenge with your friends and earn Paytm cash.

12. MPL (Mobile Premier League)

India best online earning games


MPL game is an online mobile earning app, it has provided the interesting games. And play for free even more win amazing rewards and Paytm cash in your favourite online games.

Because every day thousands of game players join in MPL programs. It has keep your gaming experience, offering a variety of tournaments. It also improves your gaming experience.

Simply you can participate, on the tournament and cash prizes all day, once the results are announced for the tournament, the winner can amount-out immediately with UPI or bank transfer and Paytm.

13. RozDhan app

money making online games in India


Especially, RozDhan app has around 10,000,000+ installs and 4.0 rating in google play store. Very simply use on your mobile you can earn more than up-to Rs 5000 per month.

Overall, really very easy to use and you can switch your full-time jobs and earn up to Rs 50k some persons by using this app earn up-to 1.5 lakh per month.

RozDhan is one of the best online earning mobile app, it also provides entertainment and daily news. Because, first earn money for Sign up bonus, playing your favourite games, Daily Check-in, Inviting Friends and etc.

Because the earning game app has given Rs 50 for every Signup. Users also access to some personal loan offers and shopping offers then etc. It is one of the best entertains, even more, 12+ categories you can earn cash rewards daily in Paytm.

14. Quizistan

money making app in India


Quizistan is offered to enjoy your favourite game and earn real money. Once install the app and find lots of quizzes to participate in the Quizistan and answer within a set of time.

Beginners also minimum needs Rs 5 investment to play the game and the Quizistan pins depending on the game to choose to play.

Quizistan besides, there are so many other online money making games in India like Quizwin, Poker Baazi, cash Dazzle and more etc.

If you don’t like high risks and don’t have the paying expertise of card games, don’t worry, you can play very popular online video games and even more contests and earn high gaming rewards.

One Bonus option

15. YouTube Channel

money making online games channel in India


You know? Above all games to earn money on the better way to gamers is to start the gaming YouTube Channel It is the best way to earn.

Because the reason is that there will improve your audience retain by watching your gaming experience.

YouTube viewers will comment on your videos and You don’t think about earning. Your earning money will separately come to your Google AdSense account. You can also show your gaming experience to the wonderful world.

This is one of the greatest ways to earn money above the mention list. You know this truth, That some of the players earn money from money making online games in India.

but it is some of the most popular gamers players running the YouTube channel separately to earn a lot of money.

If you are better gamer start now itself to open gaming Channel. If you are not open the YouTube channel there will be no use to be a gamer.

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Guys, I have clearly mentioned in this post a list of the most important money making online games in India that I can afford.

I hope all of this will definitely help you. Please forgive me if I have any spelling error or word error. The only thing I can expect of you is thanks to your superior comments.

play game and earn Paytm cash all the best to all

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